.        What are the new Regulations?

.        Who are the different stakeholders that are affected in this service?

.        How will it affect the In-Water Cleaning Industry?

.        When are the regulations to be adhered to?

These are the questions that one needs to think about for the long-term in this industry.

The proposed regulation guidelines have acknowledged the importance of In-Water Hull Cleaning Machinery which is to remove, capture, and contain the biofouling from the hull of the vessel. BIMCOs advice and encouragement of the industry in their BIMCO Industry Standard on In-Water Cleaning with Capture and BIMCO Approval Procedure for In-Water Cleaning Companies is not impossible. It will be expensive to set up the compliant machinery which is unavoidable. 

The different stakeholders affected in the new regulations proposed by BIMCO are the Ports, In-Water Cleaning Companies, Ship Owners, and the Environment. It is essential for all stakeholders to adhere to the new Industry Standard and Procedure for In-Water Cleaning. Comply or face the wrath of the Industry Regulators.

How does the regulation affect the industry? The In-Water Cleaning Companies initial capex to purchase equipment that will meet the required criteria is substantial. However, the long-term benefits exceed the high costs for the compliant machinery.

The Ship Owners must expect to pay more for the In-Water Cleaning services. However, the long-term savings of faster and better fuel consumption voyages for their vessels will outweigh the In-Water cleaning costs.

The Ports need to monitor and implement correct procedure of in-port cleaning activities and allow compliant In-Water Cleaning Companies to undertake the In-Water Cleaning process while the ships are loading and offloading cargo.

The environmental impact reform of this BIMCO In-Water Cleaning methodology is extensive. The eradication of the translocated alien species can be achieved and become a new standard. Overall, the Environment is an important stakeholder in In-Water Cleaning as the water and air will be as pure as can be.

The stakeholders need to act fast to compete in an already competitive market. To become or remain a leader, they need to understand the vital impact of the regulations. It is imperative that the different stakeholders in the industry embrace the inevitable change that is happening.