Schomberg UnderWater Hull Cleaning

About Us

Schomberg develops, engineers and manufactures environmentally compliant hull cleaning technology for the Marine industry. The Schomberg patented bio-fouling removal, capture and containment system is Internationally certified resulting in the neutralization of the Alien Invasive Species.

The Schomberg Vacu-Cart and Reclamation Filtration System surpasses the Industry Standard and Approval of Procedure of In-Water Cleaning, ensuring that the results are a clean ship, safe working practice and environmentally compliant.

No Underwater Hull Cleaning operation can be performed entirely by Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV). The Niche areas such as Bilge Keels, Bow Thrusters and Sea Chests to name a few, need to be cleaned with Diver operated tools.

Vacu Cart and Diver

More About Us

Our patented Schomberg Vacu-Cart and Reclamation Filtration System is built on a Siemens platform and enables a high degree of customization, while our real-time monitoring system allows us to continuously improve operational efficiency – a benefit we share with our clients.

The primary tool for the removal and capture of marine growth from the flat or curved underwater surfaces is the Vacu-Cart. For less regular surfaces, shrouded hand tools have been designed. Each cleaning tool has a vacuum shroud that connects separately to the central, fully enclosed vacuum system through which the bio-fouling debris is vacuumed onto the support vessel or quay side filtration system for treatment.

The captured and extracted water and bio-fouling debris is then passed through a multistage, modular filtration and treatment system where the bio-fouling debris and particles are separated from the water. The separated biofouling debris is bagged and disposed of at a registered land fill site. The water is then filtered through a 3-way filtration system and disinfected by a UV Reactor. The UV Reactor effectively disinfects organisms such as bacteria and phytoplankton. The neutralised water is discharged back to the original water source.