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Schomberg Technology

Schomberg develops, engineers and manufactures environmentally compliant hull cleaning technology for the Marine industry. The Schomberg patented bio-fouling removal, capture and containment system is Internationally certified resulting in the neutralization of the Alien Invasive Species.

Our Technology
Vacu Cart

Schomberg Product Compliance:

  • Filtration system is US Coast Guard and IMO type approved.
  • Filtration is DNV–GL and Lloyds accredited.
  • Works in challenging waters (with relatively low UVT rates).
  • No limitation in salinity or temperature.
  • Tested and approved for all three water qualities – Fresh water – Brackish water – Salt water.

Environmentally Compliant Under Water Hull Cleaning Technology

About Us

The Schomberg Vacu-Cart and Reclamation Filtration System surpasses the Industry Standard and Approval of Procedure of In-Water Cleaning, ensuring that the results are a clean ship, safe working practice and environmentally compliant.

About Us